How Busy-ness Affects Stress and What to do About it

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How Busy-ness Affects Stress and What to do About it

How Busy-ness Affects Stress and What to do About it

Our culture has a tendency towards creating very busy lives. We seem to have a lot on our plates, and there is always another thing to do. We often feel behind and unable to keep up with the demands of our world.

What effect does this have on our health? On our stress levels? On our adrenal and hormonal balance?

Our culture values fast, speed, getting it done, making it better. This is a big struggle as an integrative healthcare practitioner. I also find this to be a struggle in my own personal life. I want to accomplish a lot, leave a legacy, and make valuable contributions to my field and clients. When a day passes where I don’t get make progress on important tasks, I feel that I need to do extra to make up for it.

With clients, I find that frequently one of the root causes of illness is this same sort of idea. The internal pace is too fast, and there is a hurried and almost frantic feeling much of the time. People want to get better and they want it quickly and without a lot of time investment. This is one of the biggest challenges I face working with clients.

I have been working personally on slowing down internally for many years. I have found that if I slow my internal state, I enjoy life more and am actually better able to focus on one thing and do high quality work. At first I was afraid of slowing internally because it feels as if the world is so fast that I need to speed up to keep up with it. However, I found that when I sped up, I was feeling more frantic and missing important details and my work was more sloppy.

What do you find in relationship to internal speed? Are you trying to speed up to keep up with the world? Or, do you work to slow internally and focus on doing one thing at a time, and doing it very well?

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I invite you to hold your relationship to internal pace as an inquiry for the next week of your life. Play with slowing down and speeding up with similar tasks and see if you can notice an internal emotional difference and a difference in the quality of your work.

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