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How we got 76 Discovery Calls in April (NOT through webinars) and Adrenal Myths Debunked

We are going to address both of these concerns in our EXCLUSIVE talk only for FPC members . We'll share with you how we implemented a digital marketing strategy that is different from a webinar lead flow process. This strategy got us 76 discovery calls in April!

We are also going to dive into the clinical side of stress, fatigue, and the adrenal glands.

 Join Dr Diane Mueller and Dr Miles Nichols for digital marketing + clinical training Sunday of FPC Quarterly from 10:30am  - 1 pm CST. 

* Practice Analysis Calls are To Answer Questions About Our Online Training Programs

"I have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise in the functional medicine training. It is very thorough in teaching the mechanism of action for therapies. I have gained a lot of valuable and usable clinical information from taking this course, and I recommend it to others"        
- Dr. Francesca Quinn

We know that practice owners are facing
two main struggles at the moment

Getting new clients in the door with alternatives to dinner talks


Both emotional and financial.

Both for you and your patients.

We Will Cover Both of These Topics In This Coming Quarterly.

 For More Information About What Will Be Covered is Below

What You Will Learn in Our Quarterly Presentation

100% Online!

Digital Marketing Component

  • How we got 76 Discovery Calls in April
  • How we came only $273 short of our Financial Goal during crisis
  • Lead Flow Marketing Proesses that Are Free
  • Steps You May Be Missing to Maximize Your Webinar Conversions
  • And More!

Advanced Functional Medicine Component Of Training

  • Myths behind adrenal fatigue
  • Myths behind the pregnenolone steal
  • Testing: DUTCH Dried Urine Adrenals (4 x free cortisol rhythm, total cortisol, DHEA)
  • How to work with the HPA Axis in clinic
  • How to work with the mental emotional system in your clients. 
  • How to work with the mental emotional system in your own health

Announcing Our Online Digital Marketing and Business Systems Course!

See Below For Details

Our Digital Marketing and Business Systems Course

Each Module is 100% Online!

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Lead Flow Process using Free Marketing Techniques
  • Lead Flow Process using Paid Marketing Techniques
  • How to Market On Facebook
  • Understanding Your Niche
  • Facebooks Algorithm Revealed
  • What Marketing Stats You Should be Tracking
  • What Client Acquisition Cost Are Appropriate
  • How to Use a CRM
  • Setting Up Systems to Do Your Marketing For You
  • Hiring the Right Marketing Team
  • Checklists for Attending to All Tasks
  • Short Term and Long Term Marketing Plan
  • Generation of More Referrals
  • Growing Your Email List
  • Systems for Better Business Operations
  • Easy to Use Video and Gif Software
  • And More!!!!

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