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Blood Chemistry 3 Quiz Question 2

The essay questions in this quiz correspond to a case study that is based on information you encountered in this module. Please read the case study thoroughly and submit a text answer below each question. You will initially be rewarded full points for each question so you can proceed in your certification sequence. Once one of our staff reviews your essays, you will be awarded final points as well as feedback on your response.

Case Study:

62 year old man

CC: Ringing in the ears, dizziness 

Sx: Hot hands and feet, sweating, night sweats, itchiness after showering, tiredness, bleeds easily with even small cuts

History: This man has occasionally experienced ringing in the ears and brief dizzy spells as long as he can remember, he always attributed it to dehydration. It was never enough of a problem to warrant consultation. The ringing in his ears and a general feeling of overall heat and fullness have increased in the past few years to the point where they are becoming destabilizing and uncomfortable.


  • This man does not have a regular primary care doctor as he has been “healthy as a horse” for his entire life. 

Pertinent Lab Work for Case Study: