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Cardiometabolic 1 Final Quiz – Part 1

The essay questions in this quiz correspond to a case study that is based on information you encountered in this module. Please read the case study thoroughly and submit a text answer below each question. You will initially be rewarded full points for each question so you can proceed in your certification sequence. Once one of our staff reviews your essays, you will be awarded final points as well as feedback on your response.

Case Study:

47 year old female

CC: Elevated cholesterol panel that did not change with Mediterranean diet and supplement protocol. She was on this protocol for three months before retesting her levels. Upon retesting, her cholesterol only lowered 7 points. 

Symptoms: This woman feels “out of whack” since moving away from her keto diet. She experiences an afternoon energy dip, is slow to rise in the morning, has low libido, and gains weight easily. She has gained 7 pounds in 3 months after incorporating carbs into her diet again.

History: She had been eating a low carb ketogenic diet for the past three years to lose weight and stabilize her blood sugar. As a result of her keto diet, the woman lost 30 plus pounds and had a fasting blood glucose in the 80-90 range. She was surprised to see her cholesterol levels so high at her initial testing. 


  • This woman is unsure if the diet you recommended is the best one for her. She has started having desserts like cake and cookies that were forbidden on her keto diet in the evenings.
  • Her blood sugar is now out of range due to the incorporation of a diet that is lower in saturated fat and higher in carbs than her previous diet. Her hsCRP level has also increased.
  • Her moods are up and down, she feels swollen all over, and is disheartened that the expensive supplements and dietary changes you recommended did not lower her cholesterol. 


Pertinent Labwork: