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Food Allergy & Sensitivity Quiz – Part 1

The essay questions in this quiz correspond to a case study that is based on information you encountered in this module. Please read the case study thoroughly and submit a text answer below each question. You will initially be rewarded full points for each question so you can proceed in your certification sequence. Once one of our staff reviews your essays, you will be awarded final points as well as feedback on your response.

Case Study:

43 yo female

CC:  regular hormonal outbreaks with “cystic acne”, dry scalp, overall itchy, sensitive skin, lips and tongue swelling, blotchy skin, overall fatigue.

History: This woman has gone to the hospital for corticosteroid injections 4 times because her lips and cheeks were drastically swollen. There was no known trigger of these events. She has considered tomatoes, gluten, spices, etc as possible causes. She has feeling that sesame is a trigger because she ate sesame seeds each day her lip swelled up. 


  • This woman has a high stress, always on the go life. She has 3 children in 2 different schools and commutes for 2.5-3 hours a day. She tries to balance a happy and healthy home life, a busy social calendar, a regular workout schedule, volunteering, her children’s schedules, and time for baking and art. She feels that her life is full and she is always on the go; she actually finds herself “slightly uncomfortable and at a loss” when she has nothing to do.
  • She is finding more and more that things “are just falling apart” in larger and larger ways and what is happening with her skin and the swelling in her lip and cheek is a message that “she needs to slow down and take better care of herself.”

  • This woman is very petite, eats a low calorie balanced diet. She exercises 3-4 times a week, sleeps regular hours 10-5:30. She has little overall down time.

  • She is “disciplined, motivated, and committed” to make the dietary changes or do the trading and treatment you recommend to get things “smoothed out” in her life.