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HPA Axis Final Quiz – Part 1

The essay questions in this quiz correspond to a case study that is based on information you encountered in this module. Please read the case study thoroughly and submit a text answer below each question. You will initially be rewarded full points for each question so you can proceed in your certification sequence. Once one of our staff reviews your essays, you will be awarded final points as well as feedback on your response.

Case Study:


47 yo female


CC: “overwhelming fatigue” lack of interest in life, lack of motivation, doesn’t know “how to dig herself out of this hole”


Symptoms: Her blood sugar is massively out of control- higher highs and lower lows than she is comfortable with.  She is short tempered, having some vision problems, feels “amped and edgy then just totally bottomed out.” In addition to the blood sugar “roller coaster” the woman is experiencing, she is also having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. She is having dream disturded sleep and finds herself awake several times throughout the night. When her alarm goes off she is still exhausted; she turns it off and keeps laying in bed. During her free time she is at a loss for what to do, unsure of what would feel good, and lacking motivation because she is “totally drained.”

History: This woman just suffered the death of her brother. The aftermath of cleaning up his life was an ordeal to say the least. She was deemed the executor of his will and has spent the last two months of her life travelling back and forth to his house, sorting out the mountain of his possessions, debts, etc in addition to her full time job as a nurse case manager.  She is just starting to come to the “beginning of the end” of this journey dealing with her brother’s affairs. She feels like she “lost 2 months of her life” and did not take care of herself in the process.



  • She typically manages her blood sugars through diet but the past 2 months have been filled with “comfort and convenience food.” She has skipped many meals or just snacked out of necessity while cleaning out her brother’s house.
  • She has indulged  in snacks, desserts, soda, coffee, pizza, etc. without conscious consideration and attributes this consumption to “emotional eating” trying to numb out “grief, anger, and overwhelm.”
  • She is coming to you because “nothing she is doing is working” and “she can’t do it on her own.”  She wants to feel better and admits she is “going to need a lot of support in the process” because of her low energy and lack of motivation.