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Intestinal Permeability Final Quiz – Part 2

The essay questions in this quiz correspond to a case study that is based on information you encountered in this module. Please read the case study thoroughly and submit a text answer below each question. You will initially be rewarded full points for each question so you can proceed in your certification sequence. Once one of our staff reviews your essays, you will be awarded final points as well as feedback on your response.

Case Study:

44 yo male- initial intake 

CCHis digestive system is “chronically a little off” he often has gas that wakes him during the night if he eats any dairy, sulfurous, or high FODMAP foods with his dinner. He cannot return to sleep until the gas passes.  

Symptoms: Any fibrous greens, broccoli, cauliflower, chard, kale, garlic, onion, potatoes, and sweet potatoes with dinner may cause him to wake up with painful gas, sometimes belching. This interrupts his sleep until it passes. He  has learned to avoid symptoms by avoiding food triggers but sometimes gets caught off guard when eating out or dining with friends. If he eats too much dairy or moves around too soon after eating he has an “immediate gut evacuation” which usually looks like an urgent watery diarrhea. Aside from resolving his complaints, he would like to have a more tolerant digestive system so he doesn’t feel as “boxed in” by his sensitivities.  


  • The man is an endurance runner; he runs daily at 6 AM before going to work. When he has digestive symptoms during the night, his sleep is compromised and he feels “less than ideal” in his workout and work day.
  • This man feels “mostly healthy;” because of his running and racing he feels like he is in the best shape of his life. Resolving his digestive problems could really help him “notch up” to the next level.
  • This man has a regular sleep schedule and eats a balanced, carb heavy diet. He generally avoids sugar and eating after 7 PM.
  • He feels like his metabolism is “super fast,” he is often hungry and chooses carbs like bread, corn chips, etc. to hold him over between meals. 
  • He generally runs 6-10 miles a day; has one speed workout, one hill workout, one tempo workout, and one social run a week. On the weekend he usually does a long run, catches up on housework, and spends time with his family.