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"The material that I learned in this functional medicine program is so understandable that it greatly increases my clinical confidence. I have also seen that my patients have increased confidence in me as I can easily explain what the root cause of their symptoms and guide them through effective treatment plans." - Christina Smith, Nutritionist

Brooke Seiz

Functional Nutritionist

Dawn Phillips and

 Dr. Neal Johnson

I have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise in the functional medicine training. It is very thorough in teaching the mechanism of action for therapies. I have gained a lot of valuable and usable clinical information from taking this course, and I recommend it to others

- Dr. Francesca Quinn ND, LAc

I highly recommend Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles practitioner functional medicine continuing education courses. Each module brings more knowledge and clinical insights that I can easily bring in my practice. I look forward to continuing my education with them.

- Colleen Walsh, Nutritionist

Consisting of biochemistry with tangible lessons on lab testing, supplement protocols, diet and exercise these classes are a must for any practitioner working with clients that live in today’s modern world

- Jen Marshall, Nutritionist

Dr. Diane And Dr. Miles Keep The Materials Current And Relevant To The Health Issues So Many Clients Are Experiencing. They Address The Multifaceted Aspects Involved In Chronic Illness. The Functional Lab Instructions And Case Studies Are Very Informative. One Of The Aspects Of The Program That’s Unique Is Incorporating The Mindfulness Techniques And Mind Root Causes Into Each Unit. The Program Inspired Me To Take Some Positive Steps In My Daily Life That I Hadn’t Addressed Before.

- Diane Shepard

I learned more about how to help clients in one weekend with Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles than I did throughout my entire 2 year nutrition school program!

- Suzie Larson, MNT