Advanced Functional Medicine Training & Certification

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  • Advanced lab testing you are not doing
  • New and up to date treatment protocols
  • Easy to implement material
  • Step-by-step processes to deal with conditions commonly seen in your practice
  • What to do if treatment is NOT working
  • How to develop patient compliance and accountability
  • Lifestyle and Mind-Body components of treatment
  • How to build your business through more referral

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Avoid Clinical Mistakes By Learning All This Functional Medicine Institute Has to Offer

turnkey functional medicine
  • Get Access to 27 Modules of Material (and growing)
  • Learn very specific treatment protocols you can put into place IMMEDIATELY.
  • Develop your mind to think more critically for tough non responsive cases.
  • Understand what to look for next when patients are not responding.
  • Get your entire staff trained.
  • Join for as many or as few of the modules you want.

What Will You Learn In Our Functional Medicine School? 

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Mind Body Functional Medicine Institute:

Meet The Founder

Functional Medicine Training
  • Dr Miles Nichols is an innovative functional doctor known for successfully working with complex chronic illness like Lyme, mold illness, and mystery conditions.
  • Dr Miles has been sought out for mentorship by other doctors in order to learn his method for functional medicine by which he is able to get results where other integrative and functional approaches have failed.
  • Dr Miles was asked by colleagues and other doctors to put together a training program that gives a practical, thorough, and results-oriented approach to functional medicine.
  • Thus was born the Medicine with Heart Institute
  • The Medicine with Heart approach to functional medicine involves a mind-body emphasis and includes labs, supplements, diet, lifestyle, and mind-body practices such as breath work, brain retraining, and meditations that work together to produce lasting changes.
  • Dr Miles is certified in functional medicine, Wim Hof Method of breath work / mindset / cold exposure, Sheng Zhen Meditation system of moving and non-moving meditation practices, and has innovated a unique system of brain retraining for chronic illness.
  • Dr Miles is known in his industry as being the last stop for many clients that have seen dozens of doctors before them in search for answers to their chronic disease. Many other doctors seek care from Dr Miles to fill in gaps and find additional information about their own health, longevity, and optimization.

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