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About the Teachers

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc is the founder of Medicine With Heart Clinic and the Medicine With Heart Institute.

Growing up, my father was a medical doctor focusing on public health. He was a kind, generous, and patient man. I do not remember him yelling even once in my life. He also changed the world. He founded a rural health office that took mobile clinics and sent them to rural areas for basic check-ups for people who did not have good access to healthcare. He became a State Legislator and then later a State Senator. He worked tirelessly to pass legislation that would give access to healthcare to the working poor.

One day while I was babysitting for a friend of my sister, I got a call from a family friend. She told me that something has happened with my father and I need to go to the hospital right away. My father had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. I was 15 years old at the time.

This tragic event threw me for a loop. My father had top-notch medical training from Stanford Medical School and Yale Public Health program. However, my family did not see this coming. There was no warning. I began to investigate and learned that while his medical training was the best offered at the time, nutrition, mindfulness, and functional medicine were not covered. I learned that according to the CDC about 6 in 10 American adults have at least one chronic disease. This rate is growing (not getting better). My response to this event was to dedicate my life to learning everything I could about a new way of practicing medicine to help to prevent and reverse chronic illness. This plunged me into studying everything I could in medicine and helped me to recover from the extreme chronic fatigue I had which turned out to be from mold genetics, bartonella and babesia.

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MSOM, LAc,

"I have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise in the functional medicine training. It is very thorough in teaching the mechanism of action for therapies. I have gained a lot of valuable and usable clinical information from taking this course, and I recommend it to others"   
- Dr. Francesca Quinn

The Medicine With Heart Functional Medicine Method

Functional: Teaching functional lab tests, interpretation and easy to implement research based treatment strategies

Mindful: We teach out clients how to work with their patients' toxic thoughts and belief systems

Medicine with Heart: Our teachers will listen thoroughly to you clinical needs and goals and provide a path to reach them

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