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Fast Track Functional Medicine

  • Do you have complicated cases that are not responding to treatment? 
  • Waiting to take your practice to the next level with functional medicine?
  • Want to consult a functional medicine doctor about complicated cases?
  • Do you refer out complicated cases because you are stuck about how to treat them?
  • Would you like an expert functional medicine doctor to mentor you?
  • Do you learn better in one on one sessions than group classes?
individualized training
Lou Gehrig Disease ALS

The Chronic Disease Epidemic

  • Half of all U.S. adults have one or more chronic diseases.
    • Many of these can be eliminated with a functional medicine approach
  • Research links negative thinking with sympathetic dominance.
    • A mind-body approach to functional medicine addresses thinking patterns and emotions in the healing process.
  • Lifestyle factors that are usually REVERSIBLE contribute to chronic illness.
    • Correcting diet, toxin load, fitness, and mindfulness can REVERSE chronic illness!
  • This Compressed Training Program provides you with the tools to make a giant impact in the lives of your patients 

The Fastest, Most Efficient Way To Become One of the Brightest Minds In Functional Medicine

Let’s face it, every doctor and clinician runs across difficult non-responsive cases. These types of clients seem to not respond to anything that the clinician does. In other cases, the problem comes from not being able to identify the cause with lab tests coming back normal or inconclusive. This is hard enough to manage with the mental stress that comes from researching and searching for answers to hard cases. Many times, these situations result in simply prescribing drugs to manage the symptoms and no true resolution is found. The true effects of practicing this way are multi-layered.

Can You Relate?

  • Want to have a larger impact on your clients?
  • Wanting to learn more but don’t have time?
  • Wanting to learn effective treatment strategies?
  • Having to refer out complicated cases?
  • Losing confidence when clients don’t respond?
  • Are labs normal while your client feels horrible?
  • Feel like all you do is manage symptoms?
  • Want to reverse the chronic disease epidemic?
  • Wanting to go home feeling impactful?
individualized training

Accelerate Your Training and Get Customized Learning

We find that for some doctors and clinicians, time is their most precious resource. They want to have a higher impact on their clients’ lives, and want to have better tools, but they do not have much time to learn. With the individualized mentorship, you will get training and coaching designed around your specific clinical needs. Maximize your time by training with our functional medicine doctors in a one-on-one fashion.

We take the years of our functional medicine expertise and mentor/train you in the clinical areas most pertinent to the uniqueness of your practice and of your clientele. *Note if you are looking for a more classic approach to learning functional medicine through videos, audios and do not need one-on-one support go HERE

Want to find out if this  school is the right fit for improving your clinical skills?

Get This Kind of Results In Your Practice...

What The Individualized Mentorship Includes

First Month of Mentorship 

This month we will spend extra time getting to know you and your practice. We want to learn what the unique challenges are with your patients, your clinic, and the results you are getting. We will spend time getting to understand your clinical goals and needs, to determine how we can best build a strategy to get you to where you want to go in as short of time as possible. 

First Month Includes

Initial Hour-Long Phone Call to Deeply Assess Your Needs: We will sort through your unique challenges and get a sense of clinical needs.

Actionable Plan: Gives you step-by-step instructions to reach the clinical results and skills you are looking for.

Deep dive into your cases: Submit your hardest cases that you are stuck get coached on where to go from there.

Questionnaires To Illuminate Areas of Need for Support: Assesses if you have the necessary lab tests, supplement companies, and systems in place to thrive.

Three Additional Coaching Calls throughout the month. We will cover your complex cases.

Step By Step Treatment including specific protocols and actionable steps for your patients.

Actionable Item Steps and a Specific Plan to continue to learn functional medicine.

Focus on functional medicine topics specific to YOUR clinical needs.

Month Two of Mentorship and Beyond

Now that we know about your practice and your goals to improve as a clinician and make a bigger impact on your patients’ lives, we can go deeper into supporting you with learning and applying functional medicine. We build a methodical approach to learning functional medicine out of your clinic’s specific needs and desires.

  • Weekly phone calls to talk about your tough clinical cases
  • Specific advice on lab testing and treatment plans relevant to your cases and practice, including protocols
  • Diving into common conditions you see, and root causes and lab testing that you may be missing
  • Thinking like a functional medicine doctor: Understanding complicated disease processes and where to start right out of the gate with people
  • Refer out less by having better strategies and clinical options for complicated cases


  • Everyone must begin with the first month of the mentorship. It is in the first month that we strategically make a plan regarding your specific needs around improving clinical results and learning the exact tools and treatments that you are missing from your knowledge bank.
  • Investment for Month one is $2500
  • Investment for Additional Months is $1500/month with a 3-month minimum. This can be added on to one month at time of purchase.
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If you are not 100% satisfied after the first coaching call in month one and let us know within 3 days of that call, we will refund 100% of your money no questions asked. No refunds are offered beyond this time period.