MIB 626

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MIB 626

MIB-626: The Key to Anti-Aging?

In this blog, we will look at MIB-626. You will learn:

  • What MIB-626 is
  • How MIB-626 is being tested to combat aging 

Do you know what MIB-626 is and how it can help slow aging?  If you want to know more about this cutting-edge health technology and how to best optimize the health of your clients, then this blog is for you. Please read on for answers!  

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What is MIB-626?

MIB-626 is a proprietary molecule being developed and tested by the pharmaceutical firm, Metro International Biotech. Metro Biotech is working on a number of NAD+ pre-cursors for anti-aging. NAD+ pre-cursors increase NAD+ levels in the body. This is important because declining NAD+ levels are linked to aging. Lower NAD+ as people get older leads to mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, DNA damage and a variety of associated diseases.

To combat aging, Metro Biotech and Harvard Medical School are working together to produce MIB-626. MIB-626 is a pharmaceutical-grade form of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide or NMN. NMN is a NAD+ pre-cursor. It increases NAD+ levels in the body and combats aging and associated issues. 

The MIB-626 that is currently being developed and tested is the same molecule as NMN, but in microcrystalline form. MIB-626 is made up of tiny microcrystals of NMN (Novos, 2022). Crystal molecules are more compact and stack together better. This makes the NMN molecules more stable. They are less reactive with surrounding water molecules because they stack together more compactly, in the MIB-626 microcrystalline form (Novos, 2022). 

MIB-626 can increase NMN levels in the bloodstream and NAD levels in the body (Pencina K, 2022). 

A Quick Recap on NAD+ & NMN

NAD+ levels decline as we get older. Lower NAD+ is related to aging and the onset of illness. People can develop age-related metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. By increasing NAD+, we can repair and rejuvenate the body, enhance physical and mental performance, extend longevity and improve health. At the cellular level, higher NAD+ improves cellular function, increases ATP or cellular energy, enhances mitochondrial function and repairs and protects DNA. 

NMN is a NAD+ pre-cursor. By taking NMN, we can increase NAD+ levels in the body. MIB-626, which is NMN in a different form, has the same NAD+- increasing and anti-aging effects as NMN and NAD+ do.

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Potential Uses of MIB-626 

Metro Biotech is testing MIB-626 on specific diseases (Philippidis, 2021). The results are expected to be available later in 2022.

The benefits or uses of MIB-626 include:

  • MIB-626 is a very stable form of NMN, used as a NAD+ pre-cursor to raise NAD+ levels.
  • Its effects are anti-aging. The US Military is trialling MIB as an anti-aging pill (Philippidis, 2021).
  • MIB-626 has immunomodulatory and anti- inflammatory properties.
  • It activates certain pathways that can get downregulated in disease states in different cells and tissues (Pencina K, 2022).
  • MIB is being tested for the treatment of various diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease (Weiss, 2021).

The Research So Far

MIB-626 is very new and is currently undergoing clinical trials on humans. There is not a lot of research out yet. The one published study that has been done indicates that MIB-626 definitely increases NMN and NAD+ (Pencina K, 2022). 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, thus the gold standard in research, researchers looked at how MIB-626 affects NMN and NAD levels in participants. Blood NMN concentrations significantly increased in people given MIB-626 compared to the placebo group (Pencina K, 2022). The increase was by 1.7-times and 3.7-times depending on the dose of MIB-626 given (Pencina K, 2022). MIB-626 is clearly associated with an increase in blood NAD levels (Pencina K, 2022). 

This is an encouraging first step. However, it was a 14-day study done on 32 participants (Pencina K, 2022). That is a very small sample size done for a very short time. More research is ongoing and results from broader studies will be interesting to see and will indicate the true potential of MIB-626.

Why MIB-626?

NMN itself cannot be patented. Pharma companies are looking at how to slightly modify the NMN molecule so they can patent it. There are high-quality NMN supplements available that have a more crystalline form, which improves stability (Novos, 2022). The more crystalline NMN is called second-generation NMN (Novos, 2022). Metro Biotech says that MIB-626 will perform better than NMN. We cannot currently check the validity of this statement until full research and comparisons of MIB-626 and NMN are published.

The Future 

Metro Biotech is working with the US Army to test MIB-626. The goal for the Army is to enhance the health of its forces by improving performance factors that decline with age (Philippidis, 2021). By slowing aging and shortening injury time through higher NAD+ levels, overall troop performance will be improved (Weiss, 2021).

Metrotech is hoping to develop MIB-626 as a nutraceutical pill that can be used by both civilians and the military, to improve performance, increase endurance, speed up recovery from injury and help people live longer and healthier lives.

It’s not out yet, but when it is, will you be ready to try MIB-626?

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