Erectile Dysfunction Treatment & Peptide Therapy: PT 141 “The Sex Peptide”

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction not only has physical implications, but psychological ones as well. Erectile dysfunction is often embarrassing to talk about, but it is super important to normalize how incredibly common this is. This week, we take a look at a new peptide: PT 141. It is commonly referred to as “The Sex Peptide”. It’s relatively new and used to enhance sexual desire and performance in both men and women. Issues with sexual function and desire are quite common. Please read on for the exciting details!

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What Is PT 141 and What Can It Do For Erectile Dysfunction?

PT 141 is a peptide. Please see here for our blog on peptide therapy and our blogs on the specific peptides HGH, CJC/ Ipamorelin and BPC 157.

This new peptide hormone is used to improve sexual function and desire in both men and women (Clayton AH, 2016). PT 141 is a treatment for both erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido in men and improves female sexual arousal disorder in women (Clayton AH, 2016).

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction in men (Gerbild H, 2018). ED affects 1/3 of all men at some point in their lives and the prevalence of ED increases with age (Gerbild H, 2018).

Female sexual complaints are common, with decreased desire being the most common complaint (Frank JE, 2008). This occurs in approximately 40% of women at some point in their lifetimes (Frank JE, 2008).

What Can PT 141 Do?

PT 141 successfully increases sexual appetite, desire and erections in rats, men and women in multiple studies (Clayton AH, 2016).

How Does PT 141 Work for Libido and Erectile Dysfunction?

PT 141 is very similar to another hormone called alpha melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH) (Dhillon S, 2019). α-MSH is secreted in the hypothalamus of the brain and contributes to sexual arousal. PT 141 can modulate brain pathways involved in sexual response (Dhillon S, 2019). 

It seems to stimulate dopamine release in an area of the brain involved in sexual behavior of both sexes of several species (Clayton AH, 2016). It activates dopamine hormones that are linked to sexual motivation (Clayton AH, 2016).

Is It Safe to Take PT 141?

The safety profile of PT 141 is favorable, although there can be some side effects (Kingsberg SA, 2019). There are some adverse events in some studies that are related to tolerance and most effects are mild to moderate (Kingsberg SA, 2019). The possible adverse effects include nausea, flushing, injection site reactions, headache and vomiting (Al Shaer D, 2020).

The most common side effects were found in 10% of study participants (compared with placebo) and were nausea, flushing and headache (Kingsberg SA, 2019). These side effects were temporary and were mild to moderate in severity (Kingsberg SA, 2019).

It is best to work with an experienced Functional Medicine practitioner when using peptides. Our clinic can help you with PT 141 or other peptides.

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