Peptide Therapy — Thymosin Alpha 1: The Immune System Peptide

Next in our Peptide Series, we take a look at a new peptide: Thymosin Alpha 1. We call it The Immune System Peptide. Thymosin Alpha 1 has incredible effects on strengthening the immune system. Like other peptides, it can provide a novel remedy to health issues. It is especially good for immune weakness, certain diseases and other issues related to the immune system. Please read on for the details!

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What Is Thymosin Alpha 1?

Thymosin Alpha 1 is a peptide. Please see our blog on peptide therapy and our blogs on the specific peptides HGH, CJC/ Ipamorelin, BPC 157 and PT 141.

As a peptide, Thymosin Alpha 1 (Ta1) is made up of a chain of amino acids. Thymosin Alpha 1 is in fact a chain of 28 amino acids (Dominari A, 2020).

Ta1 is made in the thymus (Dominari A, 2020). Thymosin Alpha 1 affects immunity by stimulating the immune system (Binder U, 2021). It is immune enhancing, immune modulating and immune restoring (Dominari A, 2020).

Extensive research has shown its effective use in diseases ranging from hepatitis, HIV to immune deficiencies and cancers (Dominari A, 2020).

It modulates and normalizes T-lymphocyte (or T cells) numbers and function (Dominari A, 2020). It can restore immune system balance in different physiological conditions (infections, cancer, immunodeficiency, vaccination and aging) (Dominari A, 2020).

What Can Thymosin Alpha 1 Do?

Thymosin Alpha 1 increases the immune response (Dominari A, 2020). This is useful in immune deficiency conditions, aging and other diseases. It increases the body’s response to vaccines and decreases chemotherapy-induced toxicity (Dominari A, 2020). It has been used in the fight against many infections, such as HIV, chronic hepatitis B and C, primary immuno-deficiency diseases, depressed responses to immunization, cancers, pseudomonas (a type of bacterial infection), mold toxicity, sepsis, and recently in severely ill Covid-19 patients (Dominari A, 2020) and (Aronson, 2016).

  • Immune Booster
  • Anti-Viral
  • Fights Sepsis, Covid-19, Cancer and other diseases

How Does Thymosin Alpha 1 Work?

Thymosin Alpha 1 helps to activate, stimulate and regulate various cells of the immune system (Aronson, 2016).

For example,

  • It helps the secretion of immune-related cells called cytokines (Aronson, 2016).
  • It increases the number of activated T helper cells (a type of immune cell) (Binder U, 2021).
  • It reduces apoptosis (programmed cell death) in immune cells and upregulates the expression of other immune cells as well as tumor antigens (Binder U, 2021).
  • Ta1 mediates increased glutathione levels, which inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, and blocks the assembly of virus particles (Binder U, 2021).

All of these properties mean that Ta1 has a broad range of clinical applications (Binder U, 2021)

Is It Safe to Take Thymosin Alpha 1?

Thymosin Alpha 1 is usually taken twice a week as an injection and is prescribed by a doctor (Dominari A, 2020). The most common side effects include local irritation, redness or discomfort at the site of injection (Dominari A, 2020).

Given its immune boosting action, it is not recommended for immune-suppressed patients, such as organ transplant recipients (Dominari A, 2020).

It is very important to work with an experienced Functional Medicine practitioner when taking Thymosin Alpha 1 or any other peptides. Our clinic has extensive experience with peptides and can help you with Thymosin Alpha 1 or other peptides.

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